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Infinite’s Website Traffic Generator can simulate human behaviours and boost your website traffic which will help you for ranking purposes. You may choose where traffics will come from. This conveinent software can provide 50.000 to 150.000 unique, low bounce rate and high stay time viewers. You may also follow the traffic through Google Analytics.


Website Traffic Generator simulate user behaviours. For this reason, the traffic will reflect on Google Analytics.

As you can see in the video, we started the software with 10 threads, and we also set the stay duration as 1 minute which means each viewer will stay on your website for 1 minute.

The speed of the visits will depends on duration time. If you choose 1 minute duration, you will get 15 visits per minute. Otherwise, if you choose 15 minutes duration, you will get around 80-100 hits per hour.

Unique Features

BotCapsule offers various features for each automation bot.

50.000+ HQ Traffic Per Month

It is different from other traffic bots because it does not only send requests. It also simulate user behaviours.

Low Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate will be very low because the algorithm of the software is coded carefully.

High Stay Duration

You may choose how much time the viewers will spend on your webpage. They can stay maximum 15 minutes.

Easy Install

It is beginner-friendly. You do need to have coding skills to install Website Traffic Generator.


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