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Looking for advertising your content on discord? You can get thousands of engagements by using Infinite’s Discord AIO Bot. It is capable of sending 10.000 of messages per day. It can also scrape the member list from any server, and can increase the conversion rate by joining server before sending the messages. It is easy to use and user friendly.


Infinite's Discord AIO Bot has various features: user id scraper, server message sender, mass dm and send friend requests. All features are easy to use and clearly explained. To be able to use this tool, you should have a proxy list, discord accounts and capmonster api.

You do not have to deal with tokens. The bot will take the account tokens for you.

Each discord account can send around 10-20 messages. If you have 1000 accounts, you may send 10.000-20.000 messages per day unless the accounts did not get banned.

Unique Features

BotCapsule offers various features for each automation bot.


It supports multithreading. You may choose to correct thread according to your computer.

10.000 Messages Per Day

It works very fast and does not stuck. It can even send more than 10.000 messages per day.

Proxy Support

It does work with proxy. If you have a good proxy list, it is strongly recommended to use it.

Easy Install

It is beginner-friendly. You do need to have coding skills to install Discord AIO Bot.


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