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Infinite Email Sender offers you to manuel email mode and automatic email mode that you can use your mail list to send thousand of mails. According to smtp that you used, inbox rate can change. On our tests, we had a high inbox rate. Infinite Email Sender also supports proxies.


In the video, we tried the two methods which are manuel and automatic mods.

Both methods worked flawlessly. For manuel method, we put our email and password with correct smtp settings, and targeted email. We managed to get our email to inbox. Inbox rate really high with our software but this still depends on your smtp settings.

For automatic method, we sent around 15-20 emails in a few seconds. You should have an email password list, targeted emails list and your subject:message list. It will fastly send the emails to the targets.

Unique Features


It supports multithreading. You may choose to correct thread according to your computer.

5000-50000 Emails Per Day

It works very fast and does not stuck. It can even send more than 50000 emails, This surely depends on your accounts numbers.

Proxy or Proxyless

It does work with or without proxy. If you have a rotating proxy, it is strongly recommended to use it.

Easy Install

It is beginner-friendly. You do need to have coding skills to install Rambler Email Creator.


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